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Featured Works

Clueless in Tokyo: An artist sketchbook on weird and wonderful things in Japan

Succumbing to a fascination with the weird and wonderful new world she finds herself in, the author/artist simply paints what she sees and gleefully ponders its significance. Unwilling to let Japan's mysteries elude her, Betty Reynolds ferrets out the true meaning of the odd entities and events happening around her-whether at festivals or flea markets, in vending machines or on supermarket shelves-and presents the fruits of her labors in brilliant water colors with hand-lettered captions. The resulting sketchbook is thus an excellent, user-friendly primer for anyone contemplating travel to Japan or engaged in Japanese language studies.

An Artist's Journey to Bali: The Island of Art, Music and Mystery

An Artist's journey to Bali is much more than your usual tourist guide to the beautiful and mysterious Indonesian island of Bali. Written and illustrated by the renown artist Betty Reynolds, this book contains the author's impressions of the wonderful island whose inhabitants are known to adhere to daily rituals that, although strange and unfamiliar to foreigners, give the island and its people a distinct aura of mystery and magic.

Still clueless in Tokyo

Still Clueless in Tokyo is the sequel to Clueless and contains all of the information the author didn't know she didn't know when she wrote her first book. It contains an updated version of Japanese toilets, unusual vending machines, antiques found in Japanese flea markets, as well as food and festivities found throughout Japan's four seasons.

Squeamish about Sushi

For the first time-visitor or gourmet alike, Squeamish about Sushi is an entertaining guide to the pleasures and the pitfalls of dining Japan-style with clues and hints not found in the usual guide to eating out.
From world-famous sushi to fatally attractive fugu, it's all explained and pictured in this sketchbook of beautiful illustrations and hand-lettered text, as the artist shares her delight in the wonderful world of Japanese food.

Tokyo Friends

Vibrantly illustrated by the author, Tokyo Friends is a magical book. It introduces the young reader to Japanese traditions, customs, and the language by means of a helpful English-Japanese glossary, which augment the delightful and lively narrative.

Japanese Celebrations

Japanese Celebrations provides vivid illustrations of Japan's most festive events while explaining the decorations, foods, gifts, dress, and activities associated with each. Japanese Celebrations will give the reader a new understanding of an appreciation for Japanese culture--and maybe even a few new holidays to celebrate themselves.

All of these books can be used as a light-hearted approach to learning Japanese language.